Technical Guideline:. Bitumen Stabilised Materials. TG 2 Second edition May Published by the. Asphalt Academy. First published in

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Technical Guideline:. Bitumen Stabilised Materials. TG 2 Second edition May Published by the. Asphalt Academy. First published in ISBN Btumen Stablsed Materals. The first TG2 was publshed n and covered the desgn and constructon of foamed btumen treated materals.

Snce , sgnficant research n btumen emulson and foamed btumen treatment has been done, whch needed to be ncluded n the TG2 gudelne, hence ths update.

Where there are dfferences between the materals, the napproprate technques are often appled by ncorrectly adoptng the technology for the other materal. For ths reason, ths gudelne hghlghts the smlartes and dfferences, whch should prevent the napproprate applcaton of ether technology. Ths gudelne covers the uses of BSMs, ther classficaton for desgn purposes, the mx and structural desgn and constructon aspects.

The project has been managed by Les Sampson of the Asphalt Academy. The gudelne has been compled by:. WSP Group.

Stellenbosch Unversty. Modellng and Analyss Systems. BSMs are descrbed, and gudelnes for ther approprate use are gven. Applcatons for whch BSMs are not approprate are also dscussed. The approaches to classficaton, mx and structural desgn and constructon are dscussed. The classficaton of BSMs ncludes three materal classes:. For ths class of materal, the source materal s typcally a well graded crushed stone or reclamed asphalt.

For ths class of materal, the source materal s typcally a graded natural gravel or reclamed asphalt. As a base layer, the materal s only sutable for desgn traffic applcatons of less than 1 MESA.

A consstent and ratonal system for classfyng the materals s presented. Ths system s new and s applcable to granular and cemented.

Full detals of the method for all materals are gven n Appendx A. The mx desgn of BSMs nvolves three levels of testng, whch depend on the desgn traffic level. ITS testng n dry and soaked states. A smple traxal test has been. A method for testng the mosture senstvty of BSMs n the traxal test has also been developed, whch utlses the MIST equpment for saturatng the traxal specmens. Ths s descrbed n Chapter 4. Because the PN method s also new, and s applcable for all road buldng materals, the complete detals.

For desgn traffic less than 1 MESA, a catalogue of typcal desgns s gven. The constructon of BSMs ncludes n stu recyclng wth recyclers, conventonal constructon equpment, and n plant treatment. Qualty control for constructon s also ncluded, and Appendx D contans detals on constructon controls for BSM treatment usng recyclers.

Whle ths gudelne s the culmnaton of many years of research and development, t may be necessary to update detals n the laboratory test methods and n the materal classficaton system and Pavement Number method. Any such updates wll be posted on www. Actve filler. BSM s. G1 to G Modular Rato.

Ths ncludes fillers such as lme, cement, fly ash, etc, but excludes natural fillers such as rock flour. Ths s a relatve ndcator of the average long term n stu stffness of a pavement layer. Indrect Tensle Strength test, specmens cured accordng to curng procedure. Lme refers to hydrated road lme The mastc s the mx of fines and btumen.

The maxmum stffness a materal can acheve depends on the materal qualty. AASHTO compacton on treated materal optmum mosture content usng vbratory hammer compacton on treated materal. Plastcty Index. Pavement number. Pneumatc Tyred Roller. Reclamed asphalt. Slt, slty sand, clay. Tensle Strength Retaned. Unconfined Compresson Test. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers.

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La construccion y conservacion de nuevas carreteras requiere de muchos recursos tanto naturales como economicos. Por ello, la reutilizacion de material de la carpeta asfaltica mediante su reciclaje se ha ido consolidando a lo largo de los anos. Un ejemplo es la estabilizacion de bases hidraulicas con asfalto espumado, la cual se ha ido desarrollando en los ultimos anos en Mexico. El estudio presenta es una breve revision bibliografica del reciclaje de pavimentos y la metodologia de asfalto espumado con el objetivo de establecer algunas consideraciones en la aplicacion. Como segundo punto, se describe la metodologia de diseno de una base estabilizada con asfalto espumado y se presenta un ejemplo de diseno utilizando material producto de reciclaje RAP. Como ultimo punto, se realizo la evaluacion de un parametro mecanico, valor indispensable para la incorporacion de este tipo de material en los metodos de diseno estructural utilizados en Mexico.


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