After the war, he studied at Jagiellonian University under professor of psychiatry Edward Brzezicki. The study of genetics and psychopathy was forbidden. The original theory and research was conducted by a research group of psychologists and psychiatrists from Poland , Czechoslovakia , and pre-communist Hungary. During happy times, societies enjoy prosperity and suppress advanced psychological knowledge of psychopathological influence in the corridors of power.

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There are anomalies in the way psychopaths process information. It may be more general than just emotional information. In another functional MRI study, we looked at the parts of the brain that are used to process concrete and abstract words. For the psychopaths, that didn't happen.

No difference. But there was overactivation in the same regions of the brain that were overactive during the presentation of emotional words. He can commit the most appalling acts, yet view them without remorse. The Psychopath has a warped capacity for love. His emotional re- lationships, when they exist, are meager, fleeting, and de- signed to satisfy his own desires. These last two traits, guilt- lessness and lovelessness, conspicuously mark the psychopath as different from other men.

It remains a subject of discussion whose solution does not appear possible within the framework of the presently accepted principles of legal thought. However, we can also in- clude within psychopathic categories a somewhat indetermi- nate number of anomalies with a hereditary substratum, whose symptoms are approximate to this most typical phenomenon. We also meet difficult individuals with a tendency to be- have in a manner hurtful to other people, for whom tests do not indicate existing damage to brain tissue and anamnesis does not indicate abnormal childhood experiences which could explain their state.

The fact that such cases are repeated within families would suggest a hereditary substratum, but we must also take into account the possibility that harmful factors participated in the fetal stage.

This is an area of medicine and psychology warranting more study, as there is more to learn than we al- ready know concretely. Some are notable by demonstrations of their strange- ness. These people participate in the genesis of evil in very different ways, whether taking part openly or, to a lesser extent, when they have managed to adapt to proper ways of living. Psychopathy and Delinquency. This type of person finds it easier to adjust to social life. The lesser cases in particular adapt to the demands of the soci- ety of normal people, taking advantage of its understanding for the arts and other areas with similar traditions.

Their literary creativity is often disturbing if conceived in ideational catego- ries alone; they insinuate to their readers that their world of concepts and experiences is self-evident; also it contains char- acteristic deformities. These people, asthenic and hypersensitive, do not indicate the same glaring deficit in moral feeling and ability to sense a psychological situation as do essential psychopaths.

They are somewhat idealistic and tend to have superficial pangs of con- science as a result of their faulty behavior. On the average, they are also less intelligent than normal people, and their mind avoids consistency and accuracy in rea- soning.

Their psychological world view is clearly falsified, so their options about people can never be trusted. A kind of mask cloaks the world of their personal aspirations, which is at vari- ance with what they are actually capable of doing.

Even when very young, these children become obsessed with order, arranging their toys in a regimented fashion on the floor and flying into tantrums when their routines are disturbed.

The asthenic psychopath is relatively less vital sexually and is therefore amenable to accepting celibacy; that is why some Catholic monks and priests often represent lesser or minor cases of this anomaly.

Such individuals may very likely have inspired the anti-psychological attitude traditional in Church thinking. The more severe cases are more brutally anti-psychological and contemptuous of normal people; they tend to be active in the processes of the genesis of evil on a larger scale. Their dreams are composed of a certain idealism similar to the ideas of normal people.

They would like to reform the world to their liking but are unable to foresee more far-reaching implications and results. Spiced by deviance, their visions may influence naive rebels or people who have suffered injustice. Existing social injustice may look like a justification for a radicalized world view and the assimilation of such visions.

I have one thing which keeps me going and bids me be serene even when things are so very sad.


Andrew M Lobaczewski

This site was started in order to play a part in amplifying the increasing level of attention being paid to ponerology-related topics in the media. Surprisingly enough, there was even a ponerology-related moment on the sports network ESPN , which I also highlighted here. However, there is also something to be said for the impact of a story appearing in local news. Some people feel a closer tie with their local media outlets — whose personalities can come to seem almost like part of their family and with which they may have been engaging ever since childhood — and, therefore, might trust them more. Or they may feel that, if a story makes it to their local newspaper, radio program or telecast, it has more personal relevance to them than they do when they encounter it in a national outlet. However, I was pleasantly surprised this week. Tags: andrew m.


Political ponerology

There are anomalies in the way psychopaths process information. It may be more general than just emotional information. In another functional MRI study, we looked at the parts of the brain that are used to process concrete and abstract words. For the psychopaths, that didn't happen.





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