Electronique et Loisirs - - This is a newer college text, covering vacuum tubes, circuit analysis, and some practical amplifier design considerations. More practical than some texts, it even includes some tube curves for popular tubes of the day. A very nice practical discussion of distortion and feedback in audio amplifiers. The first section describes harmonic distortion and how it gets created in a tube amplifier stage. The remainder of the book describes various feedback methods and their implementation around one or more stages.

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Please use the Alert System for long lasting intruders. Short time intruders should be sent to our Intruder Logger. The current time of every entry is stored in the system. Lithuanian Radio Amateur Society needs your help regarding 13cm band developing in our country.

This amateur band in Lithuania is just starting to be "alive". Last week local Communications Regulatory Authority together with Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania is going to issue very new act regarding 13cm band plan. Until now 13cm radio amateur band was free from any kind of interference, though we are using this band on secondary basis. After new act will be approved, 13cm band will be totally occupied by DBT and thought we will be allowed to use this band on secondary basis, physically it will be almost impossible due to interference from DBT and to DBT.

I want to ask all of you a favor to help us save this band in Lithuania. All we need now - your big experience and practice. Maybe in your country you have had similar issue, with developing SHF bands?

What could be our arguments, actions, strategy? Tomorrow, October 19th we have very first meeting with Communications Regulatory Authority and will discuss about saving small segment of 13cm band for radio amateurs free of DBT, e.

Therefore you help is much appreciated. We will do our best to save this band for our SHF-ers and asking you for any help. You can contact me off-list. Here is a summary of the discussions and actions. The following shows the September meetings that need to be attended to protect existing amateur radio services and to progress WRC agenda items.

SRRs Vehicle anti-collision radars use 24 GHz and 76 GHz and talks are aimed at ensuring that no interference is caused to the amateur services. This group is studying a number of WRC agenda items including 1.

It is hoped that other radio amateurs might join their national delegations where possible. The work of this group includes the study of a report on the possible use of digital broadcast below 80 MHz. While many European countries have local arrangements regarding the use of MHz by the amateur service there is obvious concern that this report may have some impact on these arrangements. An ECP requires the agreement of at least 10 national administrations with no more than 6 administrations objecting.

Na konci 2. Participation is also expected from ITU officials as well as local Qatar officials. The symposium gives the delegates the opportunity to exchange information related to the Amateur Radio Service in the Arab World along with the regulatory aspects in connection with the Amateur Radio Service. The program consist of presentations on Regulatory issues, preparation for WRC, Amateur Radio Emergency and Disaster Communication, national regulations of Amateur Radio in the GCC States combined with panel discussions and workshops with the aim to assist in building and maintaining good working relationship between the National Regulators and the Amateur Radio Societies.

More information on the invitation, program, hotel and visa may be found in related documents available on the IARU Region 1 web or obtained from any of the IARU team members listed above. On 11 March, a meeting of like-minded people in the Hotel Australia, Martin Place, Sydney, formed the Institute of Wireless Telegraphy of Australia, and soon after dropped the word 'telegraphy' from its name.

Chairman of the founding meeting, George Taylor, proposed "the formation of an institution amongst experimenters and enthusiasts in wireless for their mutual benefit.

A similar organisation was formed in Melbourne - the Amateur Wireless Society of Victoria, on 30 November at a meeting attended by 50 enthusiasts. In May the Institute at a federation meeting held in Melbourne resulted in a nation-wide organisation to represent the experimenters, an outcome that had been desired for some time by the Postmaster General who had responsibility for wireless. Exactly years on from that first meeting in Sydney, the experimenters, now known as radio amateurs, can legitimately celebrate the establishment of their representative organisation, the Wireless Institute of Australia - the oldest such group in the world.

A range of initiatives and activities are to happen in providing an opportunity for every radio amateur to be involved in what will be a memorable celebration.

Make it a personal aim to make contact this station, consider your plan to achieve the WIA Centenary Award and if a club member support its involvement in the celebration.

Want to know more? Full details are available on the WIA website through its homepage at www. It contains a lot of information including activities, the commemorative logo, Centenary Award, the VKWIA special event callsign -its roster, online log and QSL card - plus a range of affordable centenary merchandise.

Credit-WIA web site. Bill was a strong supporter of the amateur radio service with his work for the Canadian regulator at the International Telecommunications Union. His guidance and support to Radio Amateurs of Canada and its predecessor societies cannot be underestimated" Ellam said. Like many other areas around the world, portions of R2 are situated in areas that are subject to numerous hurricanes, severe storms, floods, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters. During some of these natural disasters, Region 2 national amateur radio societies have suffered severe or extreme damage to their society stations and buildings, including antenna systems.

The societies in Region 2 felt there was a need for a process of collecting donations and distributing donations to Region 2 Member Societies who have suffered damage to their national society stations or buildings that are due to natural disaster. The resolution passed unanimously by the Region societies at the conference directed that funds accumulated in the Region 2 Relief Fund shall be distributed by the R2 Executive Committee solely to assist Region 2 Member Societies for repairing or rebuilding stations and buildings, including antenna systems, because of damages resulting from natural disasters.

Member Societies that receive funds from the Region 2 Relief Fund must provide a report with the R2 Executive Committee detailing for the use of such funds. The conference set aside an initial 5, USD for the fund. In February of this year, Chile suffered a severe earthquake which registered 8.

The headquarters station for the Chilean member-society, Radio Club de Chile, suffered major damage to its building and its antenna system. This is an excellent example of the IARU stepping in to help one of its member-societies in a time of need. At the IARU Administrative Council meeting in October, , a procedure was adopted to deal with the situation of non-existent or non-functioning member-societies.

Under this newly adopted procedure, if the IARU regional organization determines that there is no evidence of the continued existence of the society for a period of 5 years then the regional organization may request that the Administrative Council publish a notice in the IARU Calendar its belief that the society has ceased to exist and calling for the submission of any evidence to the contrary within days of such publication.

If no evidence of the continued existence is presented to the AC within the day period then that Member-Society shall be deemed to no longer exist. Qualification for the WAC award is based on an examination by the International Secretariat, or a member-society, of the IARU of QSL cards that the applicant has received from other amateur stations in each of the six continental areas of the world.

All contacts must be made from the same country or separate territory within the same continental area of the world. All contacts for the QRP endorsement must be made on or after January 1, while running a maximum power of 5 watts output or 10 watts input. After verification, the cards will be returned and the award sent soon afterward.

For the latest list of DXCC card checkers visit www. Sufficient return postage, or, a self-addressed stamped envelope, is required for the return of QSL cards. In this case QSL cards are not required. Send questions to "wac at arrl. For all other amateurs, applicants must be members of their national amateur radio societies affiliated with IARU, and apply through the society.

If you have any information that would be appropriate to publish in this electronic newsletter, please contact me at "w6rod at iaru. Following the 8. In addition, the worldwide emergency communication "centre of activity" frequencies should be monitored. They are: Ve dnech VHF Managers Handbooku. V hod. Atention, Atention this is fire alarm! I am pleased to do so. I am very pleased with the cooperative approach of the AC members and our WRC team and I think it bodes well for our future activities.

When I was first elected to this position, I provided the AC members with my view of our goals for I believe we are well along in that process. One of our other goals is to provide more effective communication to Regions and Member Societies. Hopefully we are improving in that respect through some of the mechanisms we now have in place, such as this E-Letter.

We also wanted interact with our Member Societies more frequently than we have in the past. Ole, Rod and I have been able to do that in the past few months by our attendance at various Hamfests or in meeting with Societies directly. We both plan to have similar meetings throughout Our work together will continue to enhance the position of the Amateur Radio Services. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the officer team if you have any questions or issues that you would like to raise.

I can be reached by email at "ve6sh at iaru. Note: The following account of the activities related to the response to the earthquake in Haiti that took place on January 12, is taken from the ARRL web site and provides information that is available as of January 14, Communications in and out of Haiti have been disrupted. There was no firm estimate on how many people were killed by Tuesday's quake.

Haitian President Rene Preval said the toll could be in the thousands: "Let's say that it's too early to give a number. Tuesday's quake was felt in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and in Eastern Cuba, but no major damage was reported in either place.

He said that he was safe, but had no power and no phone service. He was operating on battery power and hoping to get a generator running later in the day. We do not know what to expect.

It's chaos, I'm telling you -- it's real chaos. We are really in a disaster area. It's really a war zone. Many, many buildings in the downtown area are stripped from the ground with many people buried underneath them - you name it, it's bad.

I've never been in a war, but this is what a war zone would be like. Dead bodies all over the place, dead bodies buried. All I can tell you is that I'm okay, my house is okay.

We've had 30 aftershocks, the main one yesterday.


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