Psoas muscle abscess: bibliographic review. Palabras clave: Absceso. Due to the unspecific symptoms, she was initially treated as a renal colic. Ultrasound was the test that oriented us to the diagnosis.

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Absceso del psoas iliaco. Un caso clínico

Psoas muscle abscess and fluid collections are located in the retrofascial space , rather than in the retroperitoneal space, because the psoas muscles are located in the iliopsoas compartment posterior to the transversalis fascia , which is the posterior boundary of the retroperitoneum. Psoas muscle abscess may present with fever , flank pain, abdominal pain or limp. Other symptoms are nausea, malaise and weight loss. Psoas muscle abscess may be classified as primary or secondary depending on the presence or absence of underlying disease. Primary psoas muscle abscess occurs probably as a result of haematogenous spread of an infectious process from an occult source in the body. Primary psoas muscle abscess can occur in patients with:. Spread of infection from gastrointestinal disease e.


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