Chess books. New arrivals. Books for starters. Learning books. Niveau stap 1. Niveau stap 2.

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Chess books. New arrivals. Books for starters. Learning books. Niveau stap 1. Niveau stap 2. Niveau stap 3. Niveau stap 4. Niveau stap 5. Niveau stap 6. Andere methoden. Dutch books. Opening books. Alapin 1. Closed sicilian. Rossolimo Bb5. Sicilian Dragon. Siciliaans Algemeen. Andere siciliaans. Semi- Slavisch. Konings Indisch. Nimzo Indisch. Colle systeem. Engels 1. Opening for white Kramnik. Opening for white Anand. Middle games. Books about tactics. Game collections. Magazines and yearbooks.

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BBS specials. Bridge books. Bridge books for starters.


Goban 9x9 with dark bowls

This template can be used to make go board, with stones and various other marks. For example,. These stone series are available as black b and white w. They can be marked by a triangle T or a number from 1 to 9 allowing short sequences. These tiles are used for game transcription, where the numbering goes beyond


Template:Goban 9x9


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